Genesis 1-3: Our Broken Identity

"Who am I? What is my identity?" In this first seminar at the New Haven URC Summer Kick-Off Youth Conference, we learn that "in the beginning" God defined us. Every single one of us is made in the image of God—we were created to know God and show God, to "know it and show it," to reflect Him and His goodness to the world around us. Sadly, every single one of us has rejected God; we have embarked on a quest to define and redefine ourselves, and we do this in all sorts of ways. When we seek to define ourselves apart from God, the end result is lostness and confusion, nakedness and shame. Fortunately, the story does not end on this note—God promises to recover us—to rescue us as well as cover us up, to take away our nakedness and shame and to give us a newer, better, and unshakeable identity.