Daniel 1 (et al.): Truth Matters

Sermon preached at RUF Large Group on Tuesday, Feb. 21. In our last sermon in this mini-series studying "the flow" of the college campus, we examine three slogans—1) "the world's religions are just different paths up the same mountain," 2) "no religion sees the whole truth, it only sees in part," and 3) "keep your truths to yourself"—as well as Jesus' claim: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me." Does Christianity make the most sense of the data? Is Christianity the most exclusive-inclusive religion around?

Daniel 1 (et al.): Let's Talk About Sex

Sermon preached at RUF Large Group on Feb. 14, 2017. Our culture has simultaneously too low a view of sex ("it's nothing") as well as too high a view of sex ("it's everything"). The Bible offers a better, more-balanced view: sex is good—awesome, even!—in its proper context. Other passages include Song of Solomon 4:1-7, 5:10-16; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 and Ephesians 5:29-32.

Daniel 1 (et al.): True Freedom, True Happiness

Sermon preached at RUF Large Group on February 7. One of the "cultural currents" swirling around our campus is that "you are most happy when you are most free—free to do what you want, when you want (so long as you don't harm anyone)." We explore some of the problems with that notion and offer up an alternative: "that we are most happy when we are most human." Other passages include Gen. 1:26-28 and Ps. 16:5-6.